The base

Lake Senftenberg is a former lignite mine. With a total water area of around 1350 ha, it offers a lot of space which is not only for diving, but also for sailing and surfing. Fishing enthusiasts will also find a quiet spot here.

You can find out more about the history of the Senftenberger Lake in the Chronicle

The base of the club is directly at the lake, or about 20 steps away from the water. This access makes it possible for even the most lazy diver to enter the water stress-free. The unloading and loading of the diving equipment is also stress-free with us, because you can get directly to the base by car.



Due to the maximum depth of 18 meters at the 'South Seas', as the area is also called, the best conditions for the training are given. For the experienced diver we have an old, disused diving bell, a 3-stage platform, two wrecks of small passenger ships and a motorboat in our lake. For telephone calls you can take some time in a underwater telephone booth.

There are several other little things to discover. Unfortunately we don’t have many fish here. These can only survive for a short time due to the slightly acidic groundwater that penetrates this part of the lake. But the main part of the lake you would be able to find some. For those who are interested in microorganisms will get their money's worth with us.

At the base the guest has the opportunity to feel like at home after a dive. Hot and cold drinks can be purchased directly from us. If you're hungry, you'll find a snack about 100m away.

This is what the base offers you:

  • entry point
  • filling station
  • Rent of diving equipment
  • Sanitary facilities (shower/WC)
  • Emergency assistance (telephone, emergency kit)
  • Advice & action not only for diving
  • Help in finding dive buddies and planning dives
  • guided dives with advanced divers and instructors (please login)
    with advance reservation: trial dives for adults and children. 

So, see you soon on our base.

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