Chronicle of Lake Senftenberg

On this page we want to give you a short insight into the history of our diving water, the Senftenberger See.

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At this point we would like to thank the "Zweckverband Senftenberger See" for their friendly support.


in the middle of 1938


Start of the open pit mine Niemtsch (today Lake Senftenberg) and drainage of the coal field.

1960 – 1965


Planning preparations for the subsequent use of the open-cast mine as a recreational and lake landscape have begun. Lake Senftenberg was a prime example for the rehabilitation of mining areas.

May 1966


The last coal train leaves the mine for the Brieske plant. The Niemtsch open-cast mine was thus gutted. A few days later the overburden conveyor bridge was blown up. 

November 1967


Start of the flooding of the open-cast mine via a temporary installation at the level of the former Senftenberg sewage treatment plant. Later, a flooding system is put into operation at Kleinkoschen.



The final water level of 98.95 m above sea level has been reached. The storage operation by the water management began.

June 1, 1973.


With the handover of the first construction phase at the beach of Großkoschen, the Senftenberger See was ceremoniously opened.

November 2007


From 1973 to 2007, Lake Senftenberg was reserved for muscle operated boats. Then it was classified as navigable water and since then can also be navigated by motorboats.

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