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Conrad Richter wrote on 27th October 2020 at 13:01
On 13.09.2020 we were with you for diving. We were friendly welcomed and cared for by Maik and Guido (I hope the names are correct). A bright, clean and well-kept dive center was waiting for us, which immediately gave us a homelike feeling. Marko joined us and the three of us went into the underwater world. Also here the affectionate engagement of the diving base operators was not to be overlooked. An interestingly designed underwater world awaited us there. We had a good visibility and the water was still pleasantly warm. Only from 10m we noticed a sudden cooling. A second dive led us into another adventure area, which we enjoyed as much as the first one. The crowning conclusion was the ascent in the silo. All in all a successful diving day with 11 out of 10 points to be awarded. A big thank you to everyone who made this base an unforgettable experience. Greetings from Constanze and Conny
Administrator reply from: Ronny
Thanks for your feedback. We are very pleased that you enjoyed your stay with us. Also we thank you for the tip with the guestbook Always Good Air Ronny

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